How much of a friend is fear, to you?

Or is fear currently your worst nightmare and enemy rolled into one?

Do you want to be the giant you know you are, but fear keeps chipping away at your confidence?

Welcome to my brand new workshop, Walk Into Fear.


I had an interesting conversation with a fellow coach last week. He said that only people with lots of qualifications and bits of paper should be coaches; that only they knew how to help those who wanted guidance and support.

I disagreed. I said that I felt we all had it in us to support and guide other people, because we'd all experienced things - and if you've experienced something, and learned from it, you can then share that learning with others. 

Experience trumps qualifications every day.

He ended our conversation by saying "I'm a great believer in systems; standing on the shoulders of giants and adding your own personal addition to it".

And I replied, ''I don't really do systems, well not other people's anyway. I do what's worked for me, and share my learning. Oh, and the only giant I stand with is me".

Here's the thing: We all have greatness within us, we all have giant-like abilities but we don't all use them. We don't all connect with our potential, our strengths, and so we look outside for validation or advice when really, if we sat and listened to our hearts and our intuition, we'd find the way so much more easily.

We don't need to look to 'giants' to solve our dilemmas, we need to look to ourselves.

Well-known life coach and author Tony Robbins says, in his book 'Awaken The Giant Within' that we all have unlimited power sleeping within us; and I totally agree. Every client I work with has it - I see it, often they don't. My job is to open their eyes and show them. Enable them to move into a life they love by using their innate potential. Their power. Their greatness. Their giant-like abilities.

We can all do it.

We need to believe in who we are, and what we're capable of: No more trash talk, second guessing, comfort zone living, and defaulting to the easy option. Being who you are, truly being who you are, takes courage and commitment. You need to accept who you are (including the things you don't like, or wish were different), and 100% throw yourself in to the changes you'll need to make. It's not easy but it's incredibly rewarding. After all, who wouldn't want to live a life they truly desire?

We need to up our game. So we believe in who we are, and want the life we know we can have - and now we need to quicken our pace, and raise our goals. Achieving your potential, becoming that giant, requires a big vision and goals to match. It means setting a life mission that excites you, and frightens you at the same time; that makes you want to get out of bed before the alarm goes off. That makes you want to use every second to achieve your ambitions, and drive you on to success.

We need to welcome, and embrace, fear. There is no life without fear. There are no goals without fear. There's no journey, no vision, and definitely no success, without fear. It's part of who we are. But it doesn't have to define who we are! Fear is such a great motivator; it makes us do things we'd never have imagined - and achieve things we never would have thought we could. To reach your potential, to be all you can be, to be a giant; you need to know and love fear.

How much of a friend is fear, to you? Or is fear currently your worst nightmare and enemy rolled into one? Do you want to be the giant you know you are, but fear keeps chipping away at your confidence?

Welcome to my brand new workshop, Walk Through Fear.


We'll be exploring:

  • Why fear has a place and a vital part to play in life but often ends up taking over
  • What fear really means to you and why it stops you from achieving what you know you can
  • How fear often masquerades as something else (and why you let it)
  • How kindness really does kill, fear at least...
  • How you can use it to positive ends and make it a motivator not an obstructor

I'll be sharing my own strategies for overcoming fear, and helping you come back from your own fears - and walk through it into a life you love.
We'll also be developing your own Success Plan, and action points to use when you go home and begin this new, and exciting, part of your journey!

There are only EIGHT places available, lunch and refreshments are provided and, as a special early-bird, introductory programme offer, I'll be giving a 10% discount off any follow-up coaching to anyone who books their place before July 6th.

We'll be working in a small group, so you'll have the opportunity to ask me questions and share your own fears; we'll work as a team, as well as together, to help you overcome them and use them in a more positive way.

To take advantage of the early-bird offer, you'll need to sign up before 5pm on July 6th. Any sign-ups after that will not receive the coaching discount as part of their Walk Through Fear package.

Location: Littlehampton, West Sussex TBC
Time: 10am - 5pm
Cost: £95.00

This workshop is aimed at people who really want to achieve their potential, overcome their fears, and who are committed to doing what it takes to get there.

So if that sounds like you, book your place today and let's start working on your future.

I see you, you're a giant.