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I’ve spent the last seven years coaching and training start-ups.

All sorts of businesses, all sorts of founders; from teenagers to septuagenarians, designers to mechanics.

I’ve written about start-ups, spoken about start-ups, advised the government on start-ups. Plus, I’ve started my own businesses too. Seven, in fact.

I know what it takes to get a start-up off the ground, and then make it successful: a top notch plan, a first class product or service, loads of determination and even more confidence.

The modules were great, and I really liked having videos to compliment the information given each week...Ali has so much experience and knowledge it was great to be able to pick her brain about specific things. I felt so much more confident about starting my business...
— Nisha, Founder Good News Shared

I have an absolute passion for start-ups. To me, there’s little more exciting than taking a dream and making it a reality: taking nothing and making something. But despite the fun, it’s not easy and there can be a lot of pitfalls along the way; so working with someone who can help you avoid them, and then being connected to lots of other people just like you to bounce challenges off, would be great wouldn’t it?

Let me introduce you to StartUP: a 4 week programme designed to support you through that first, critical stage of any business – writing a plan.

I’ll take you through the practicalities of planning your business, and help you to translate that into a framework that will guide you through your first year.

We’ll be looking at the business stuff, as well as the more hands-on stuff:

  • What skills you need to run a business, and how to fill the gaps

  • How to work from home successfully

  • How to research your idea effectively, and ask the questions that give you the answers you need

  • How to write a punchy, compelling business plan that will ‘light your way’ to success

  • What to do on your first day of trading

  • And LOTS more hints, tips and solutions

You’ll receive all the documents you need to get your plan together (action plan, idea generator, vision board, business plan and cashflow forecast), plus my webinar links and newsletter. 

Plus, you can join our closed Facebook page and chat to other founders – just like you. Great, eh?!

Oh, and did I mention, IT’S ONLY £59.95!

Don’t delay achieving your dreams a day longer. 

StartUP today!

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