If you want someone who will deliver a high impact talk or workshop - you've come to the right place.



I have spoken at all kinds of events, from international education conferences talking about girls and leadership, to business development networking evenings. I've been on TV, the radio, and interviewed for countless podcasts.

I’ve spoken at events for teenagers, graduates, professionals, teachers, business founders, and vulnerable women. 

I've even spoken at a premiership football match in front of 30,000 supporters! 

I’m passionate about my work, passionate about the change that the growth mindset, and increased confidence and self-esteem, can effect, and particularly interested in empowering women to conquer their challenges and achieve their dreams.

I always deliver lively, interactive sessions, and my feedback is consistently positive.

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I can tailor a talk specifically to your needs, deliver workshops and seminars, or a full-punch high impact motivational speech. 

Whatever you want, I can deliver.



If you’d like to discuss your next event with me, please click here to get in touch. I’d love to hear from you!