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8 Intellectual Property Myths

Today is World Intellectual Property Day but what is IP and how does it affect your business?

Intellectual Property, or IP, is the general term used for a group of rights used to protect intangible property, such as copyright, designs, patents and trade marks. As we move more and more towards online and technology businesses, the main way to protect assets is via intellectual property rights.

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Why People Who Work For Themselves Are Happier Than Those Who Don’t

I’ve said it before, multiple times, I LOVE being my own boss. I can’t imagine anything better, and every time I work for someone else – much as I enjoy working with other people in a different environment – I yearn to be back in my business again pretty quickly.

Every day I spend running my own company, despite the challenges and the occasional 3am worry, is a happy day.

I’m sure, on balance, you’d agree.

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