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I Don't Stand On The Shoulders Of Giants: I Am A Giant

Recently, a fellow coach and I were talking about the different ways that people come into the industry. He said that only people with lots of qualifications and bits of paper should be coaches; that only they knew how to help those who wanted guidance and support.

I disagreed. I said that I felt we all had it in us to support and guide other people, because we'd all experienced things - and if you've experienced something, and learned from it, you can then share that learning with others. 

Experience trumps qualifications every day.

He ended our conversation by saying "I'm a great believer in systems; standing on the shoulders of giants and adding your own personal addition to it".

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15 Reasons To Start A Business Right Now

Yesterday was the end of the financial year in the UK, and also Go For Broke Day. Go For Broke Day is all about throwing yourself into something new, or something you’ve always wanted to do, despite the worries or concerns you might have. It’s about breaking glass ceilings, overcoming hurdles, and pushing yourself wayyyy out of your comfort zone to achieve something you’ve dreamed of.

It’s about grabbing life by both hands, giving it a massive shake, and going for something that has the power to transform your life.

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3 Tips When Starting A Business

1. Don’t be afraid to start off small

Not every start-up is going to be the next Virgin or Body Shop. Let’s accept that. And, in fact, not everyone who starts their own business wants to be the next Richard Branson or Anita Roddick. Remember that some 95% of businesses in the UK are small, only a tiny proportion are the corporates that we see on the high street.

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4 Tips For Building Great Business Partnerships

For someone who works, pretty much exclusively, on her own, and quite happily – I love building partnerships.

It’s the coming together of like-minded people, and businesses with similar aims, who can go on as a joint force to improve the lives of even more clients than we might have done alone, that gets me feeling both proud and invigorated.

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3 Habits That May Be Damaging Your Confidence

We all have days where our confidence isn’t so great, even those of us who appear to have confidence all sewn up. And that’s good! We need to be a little over, and a little under, here and there to keep a healthy balance; too confident and we miss what’s really happening as we strut around trying to convince everyone that everything’s OK, too unconfident and we don’t dare leave our comfort zone for fear of what might happen.

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