Staying Motivated When Working From Home Now That Summer Has Arrived!

I hope I haven't jinxed things but I believe that summer has arrived AT LONG LAST! Quite frankly, there have been times over the last few months - and those few months have felt like a few years - when I've thought that the winter would never end and that I'd have to emigrate somewhere hot, very quickly.

I only know a handful of people who say that they'd rather we still had grey skies, rain, and temperatures akin to a fridge (and I'm extremely disappointed in them); most of us prefer the blue skies and warmer weather because it just makes us feel so much more positive and productive.

Amen to that.

But how does that translate when you're running your own business? Do the positives of the warm weather extend to your own office practice, or do you find yourself getting distracted by it and wanting to throw off any contracts in favour of a dip in the sea, a large ice-cream, and a lie down in your garden or local park?

How can we stay motivated when the sun is shining?

Here's three of my top tips.

1. Change your working patterns. For those of you who are able, and for motivational - or purely practical - reasons, find that the weather stops you from working effectively; try changing your working hours. I often get up very early in the summer, enjoy the sunrise, and complete my tasks before lunchtime. I schedule consultancy and coaching sessions to suit, hold meetings via Skype (instead of having to travel on overheated public transport or boiling hot roads), and make the most of the cooler hours in the morning. It then leaves the afternoon for enjoyment, and nothing stimulates my creative brain more than chilling in the sunshine watching the world go by, whilst my mind turns over ideas and problems; free of the chains of emails and planning. A great way of killing two birds with one stone!

2. Work with others. If you work on your own, staying motivated can be a challenge. So if your motivation is slipping, and you find the warmer weather makes it even more difficult to stay on task, find a co-working space and book a desk for a day or two a week until things improve. Working around other people just kick-starts even the most unmotivated of us, and helps to get things back on track again. Watching the successes and challenges, and different working practices, of other entrepreneurs can light your fire like nothing else. It might even help your motivation get up to the next level!

3. Accept it. You hadn't expected me to say that! But honestly? If your motivation is flagging, and nothing seems to be working, and the sunshine is luring you outside - go. Work isn't supposed to be a slog. It's supposed to be a means to an end, a chance to do something you love, and if the love isn't there then perhaps that's a different signal. Maybe you're tired, and in need of a break. Maybe you've been working at breakneck speed and just can't keep up the pace anymore (you're only human!). Or maybe, like me, the sunshine has been so lacking in your life that your body is yearning for a large shot of vitamin D. Whatever it is, take some time out to enjoy the world, and soon enough your motivation will return.

Wherever, and in whatever weather state, this blog finds you - I wish you a wonderful day!

(Oh, and mine's a long glass of sparkling mineral water and lime juice, with lots of ice, whilst working next to the sea please).