3 Top Tips To Rejuvenate Your Creativity

Has your creativity gone missing? Do you know you need to change things up but you just can't get the new ideas flowing?

My top three tips for rejuvenating your creative juices may just be the tonic you need.

1. Turn Your Thinking On Its Head. The most creative and innovative people see problems, and the world they inhabit, in a very different way to the majority of us. They take a problem or challenge, apply their unique thought process to it, and voilà - a fresh perspective. Look at your challenge through a different set of eyes, brainstorm solutions - the more outlandish, the better (no solution is incorrect, or off the table), even try expressing it in a different way, perhaps draw it, or even sing about it, and see what you come up with. 

2. Go Somewhere Different. You've hit a challenge, your problem solving streak has gone on indefinite leave, and finding a solution is proving to be tricky. What to do? Taking yourself out of your usual environment, and changing up your routine, can often be the kick-start needed. Go for a walk, work from a coffee shop, or ask a friend if you can share their office for a bit; or even take a day off to let your brain reset. Just the act of doing something different can be, and can make, the change.

3. Don't Listen To The Trash Talk Voice. It's so tempting to turn on yourself when you can't create; to blame yourself for the situation, and to let negativity get the better of you. The thing about creativity is that it needs space to breathe - to do what it does best. And sometimes that takes time, and may not always give you the answer you're looking for. But that's OK. I recently solved a problem that had been niggling at me almost a decade ago, honestly! I hadn't been worrying about it for all that time, many other things had come and gone in the meantime, but I suddenly woke up at 3am one morning with the solution. It was a bit late, admittedly, but it did come in the end. 

Our creativity is at its best when we're relaxed, stress-free, and living a life that makes us happy. If all else fails, making sure that you see a problem for what it is - just a problem, and not the end of the world - will help you to overcome the hurdles we all face, with the least amount of worry and upset. 

Keeping my fingers crossed that YOUR solutions come to fruition a little faster...

Ali Golds