15 Reasons To Start A Business Right Now

Yesterday was the end of the financial year in the UK, and also Go For Broke Day. Go For Broke Day is all about throwing yourself into something new, or something you’ve always wanted to do, despite the worries or concerns you might have. It’s about breaking glass ceilings, overcoming hurdles, and pushing yourself wayyyy out of your comfort zone to achieve something you’ve dreamed of.

It’s about grabbing life by both hands, giving it a massive shake, and going for something that has the power to transform your life.

Perhaps, for you, it’s about starting your own business?

Here’s 15 reasons why you need to do that right now!

1.       Building your future takes time, so the quicker you start the quicker you can get cracking!

2.       There’s never a better time than today to set goals for your future.

3.       Do you like your job? No? Are you being made redundant? Yes? Two of the many reasons why starting your business today is a great solution to being unhappy at work…

4.       Or maybe you love your job but you are now at a stage in your life where you can afford to take a step back and make money from a hobby? I work with lots of founders who are in this position – and it’s a great one to be in. Set a date for when you’re going to get working on this new business idea, and grasp the opportunity.

5.       Today, April 6th, is the beginning of a new tax year in the UK – a perfect time to start your business. No messy changing dates with HMRC and Companies House (if you’re going to start a limited company) – it’s all straightforward and simple.

6.       Writing a business plan takes a bit more than an hour or two, so if you want to start a business this year, downloading and starting to research a business plan is the perfect way to get it off the ground (check out my StartUP programme for more help)

7.       Do you want to start a business that will make a difference? A CIC or a charity perhaps? Making a difference takes time – as does setting up the structures within which you can do it – so put in your applications ASAP.

8.       If you’re planning to sell a product, you’ll need to test it before you start earning money. Get out there today and find some product testers and run focus groups for customer feedback (which will help you to develop your marketing campaign too!)

9.       If your business idea is seasonal, and the summer is a key selling period, now is the time to get started!

10.   There are always events that you can go to, and opportunities you can take up, to share information about your new business. Every day you delay your dreams, and don’t do these things, means more wasted chances to find customers or clients…

11.   If your business idea will require stock or machinery that you don’t currently own, I always recommend checking out auctions and liquidation sales for great bargains. The thing about these sorts of sales is that time is of the essence, so you will need to get on that pretty quickly. Of course, if you then have those items to hand, just sitting around not doing anything, then maybe you should think about putting them to use and earning you some cash…

12.   On the subject of finance, do you have enough cash currently coming in? No? Are you in urgent need of more money? You know that running a business doesn’t have to be a full-time occupation, and lots of people run one on a part-time basis? Alongside a full-time job too, in some cases. That could help to solve your financial problems quite quickly.

13.   Is your product or service in a niche industry? Are you the only, or one of the few, person who would be providing this offer? Yes? Err what are you waiting for!! Get started and capitalise on your uniqueness before someone else cottons on to what you’re doing…

14.   If you’re feeling lost, looking for a way to boost your self-esteem, think that your get up and go has got up and gone, or anything else similar – you need to get your business idea up and running today. Starting my first solo business was the key to all of those things for me, and I haven’t looked back since. It gave me purpose, drive, and a reason to get up and face the world when I really didn’t want to. Really.

15.   There is no time like the present. Putting something off until X happens, or Y is better, is not going to make your business any more successful – it’s just going to delay you achieving something wonderful! This is not a scenario where delayed gratification is the order of the day – just go for it! Go for broke!


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