Why Mindset Really Does Make A Difference To Your Business

It’s true – if you believe you can, you can and if you believe you can’t, you can’t.  Mindset is key in life, and never more so than when starting and running a business.

Taking a fledgling idea and turning it into a fully paying business is a hard slog, so it’s imperative that you believe both in your abilities, as well as your product or service. I’ve coached hundreds of founders over the years, and the business part of our work together is always solved quickly – it’s the mindset part that takes the time.

And that makes sense, doesn’t it? After all, if you have a great idea but don’t believe in your abilities to make it happen or don’t feel that you have the skills or experience to develop it (even if you have them in spades), it’s never quite going to take off. There’s always going to be something that stops you and your business from achieving your full potential.

There are many skills that an entrepreneur needs but, for me, these are the mindset traits that will really make a difference to your business:

·         Resilience. Remember this: there is nothing that you can’t overcome with determination and fortitude. Knockbacks are there to test us, and mistakes are a natural step on the journey to success. You started your business for a reason, and you must always keep that uppermost in your mind – particularly when you feel like giving up (and you will) – but never give in to it. As long as you have a viable business, keep going.

·         Focus. Entrepreneurs have a tendency to exhibit, what I call, a spider brain. We start on one thing, move to another, and move to another; all the time innovating and creating. This is great, of course, and a vital part of starting and growing a business; however, the most successful founders cultivate the ability to focus with steely eyed determination on one thing, without being sidetracked, and for as long as is necessary. The most obvious thing for founders to focus on is their goals; and being able to continuously move forwards to the end result, without being sidetracked or put off by other challenges in the meantime, is the key to success.

·         Creative thinking. Problems are rarely solved in a creative fashion using linear thinking (see previous comments relating to spider brain….) and, for me, creative thinking is probably the most transformational skill that an entrepreneur can utilise. There is always a solution to every challenge, and thinking out of the box, not discounting any suggestion until it’s totally been proven to be of no help, is a great way of finding that elusive piece of the puzzle.


The thing I noticed most about the entrepreneurs I work with is that their mindset is permanently set on action mode. They don’t give up, they think around a problem in the most creative of ways, and they always focus on the end goal.

They radiate positivity and a can-do attitude and understand, more than any other group of people I’ve worked with, that a positive mindset is what makes the difference.

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