Why Entrepreneurs Need To Be Accountable To Be Successful

Running a business is HARD WORK. There’s little easy or straightforward about it, and certainly not in the early stages whilst you’re learning, what feels like, a million new things a day. Most founders experience the all-too-familiar 3am realisation of ‘What the hell am I doing, I could be working for someone else and earning lots more money without these stress levels’ at some point in their first year, and it will often inform their decision as to whether they stay trading or stop.

So, if you managed to keep the faith in your first year and here you are, merrily trading on into year 2 and beyond – working through the pitfalls and perils, riding the ups and closing your eyes on the downs, resisting the temptation to throw it all up in the air and go back to the 9-5 with 6 weeks paid holiday – congrats! You’ve already outrun a significant proportion of businesses that opened at the same time, and will no doubt continue to do so.

Won’t you?

I mean, you know how you’ll do it; right?

To be successful, we have to be accountable. Anathema, I know, to entrepreneurs. We are the people who take a germ of an idea and run with it. We are the people who convince the sceptical that this idea is going to give us the financial stability and security that we’re looking for, and a fabulous ROI for any risk loving investor. We are the people who blast comfort zones out of the water and live on our nerves until our little germ of an idea becomes a grown up. We are the people that only like to be accountable to ourselves; for it’s only us that we are letting down when our germ of an idea falters and, besides, we left ‘proper work’ to get away from micro-managers and innovation smotherers. Yep, sympathy from entrepreneurs around the world on that score…

Thing is, we need to be accountable if we want to be successful. We need to have someone watching what we do, and someone to report back to, if we want to take our idea to the next stage. For entrepreneurs are the dreamers; the big picture thinkers. We’re not, generally, the detail oriented doers. Detail takes too long, and involves too much sitting around for us; we want to be out there getting stuff done. Moving stuff on. And that’s fine! That’s exactly what entrepreneurs should be doing.

But a business needs to have accountability and targets, and systems and processes, and all that other…yawn…stuff in order to reach its full potential and to be successful. And that’s what you want, isn’t it? You want all of your hard work to pay off, right? All of the sacrifices that you made to have been worthwhile, and not in vain? Yeah you do. Of course you do.

So who’s holding you accountable?

I’ll step forward and hold you accountable. Not only can you post your ideas and your weekly numbers on my Facebook page, but you can book a free 30 minute coaching session with me to talk through how we’ll get your business coasting over the next set of hurdles. For there are always hurdles, no matter how prepared you are, and I’ve met and overcome them all.

I’ll give you the benefit of my thirty years of bizdev and scale-up experience, and I’ll help you set and then over-reach your targets. And I’ll definitely keep you accountable. I don’t do slacking, and I don’t do excuses. But I do do success.

Want to get started?

Book today. And let’s get your road to success foursquare in front of you.