Have You Set Your 2018 Business Resolutions?

It’s that time of year again! Whilst you’ve been busy thinking about your personal new year’s resolutions, have you also been thinking about some business ones? If not, maybe you should. Given that you’ve likely been writing your new business plan to action from this month, this is also a great opportunity to put it all into action.

I thought I’d share mine with you (not least because I’ll have to be accountable to you all at the end of the year, and accountability buddies are a rather good reason to make sure you actually do what you say…)

  1. This year I’m going to develop my team, and hire even more freelancers and contractors to work alongside me. The paybacks are endless; a team will free up my time, allowing me to concentrate on what I do best and, as a result, help me to bring in more new clients and, therefore, make more money. That then enables me to invest in my team even more. I’m also working overseas from the summer, so having a UK based team will make life much easier. A point to remember if this is also one of your resolutions: a wise person once told me that you should never hire someone who won’t make their salary back twice over i.e. they need to either bring you in income, or save you time. That’s a good yardstick for a start-up.
  2. This year is about being clear and specific. Whether it’s my offer, my client groups, my marketing, or anything else; everything I do this year will be restricted to my core business. This is likely to be the toughest of all my resolutions for me to stick to; I find everyone’s business fascinating so if anyone asks for help or advice, I always say yes. This will test my resolve!
  3. Do more of what I love. 2018 is all about jettisoning the things I don’t like, am not good at, or not sure of; and either finding solutions or relinquishing myself from the job of doing them altogether. This is rooted in a bigger personal resolution; a promise to myself to focus on the things I love, in business and at home, because doing that has a knock-on effect on everything. It makes me more creative and even more able to think outside the box and that in turn makes me even better at what I do. As someone who uses my creativity on a daily basis, this is a vital and integral part of my business. It will also bring me, personally, happiness and contentment – and all entrepreneurs need that.

And if you’re the kind of person who gives up on resolutions on the first day, here’s a couple of tips for making sure you stick to them:

  1. Make sure that any goals you set are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-related)
  2. Remember that it can take an average of 66 days to form a habit – so don’t knock yourself if you forget your great intentions within a few days. Keep at it!


Whatever you choose to do this year, may it be successful!